Taronga Wild! Rhinos was a Wild in Art event that brought businesses, artists and schools together to create a world-class sculpture trail through the streets, parks and public spaces of Sydney. Held from February to April 2014, it followed the enormous success of the Elephant Parade in London with a trail of 55 life-sized rhinos painted by artists shortlisted from over 200 submissions. Our role initially was to secure corporate sponsorships and ensure the project meet its fundraising goals. Sponsorships were secured from a wide variety of brands including QBE, Coca Cola, Streets, Kellogg’s, Star, the Australian Maritime Museum and Captain Cook Cruises. Our responsibilities then expanded to include the submission of the development applications to the various councils and the development of an impactful social media plan. In addition to the sponsorship raised from businesses, the sale of the artworks generated over $450,000 at auction.